Is Mom left alone too long because of your busy schedule?

Whether you care for aging parents or an elder spouse, as a caregiver, you may have to decide if it is still possible to leave an elderly person in your care alone for an hour, an afternoon or an entire day. Will they be safe? Will they wander off? Will they let strangers into the house? Will they turn on the stove and forget to turn it off?

Staying at home for as long as possible is a common goal. But independent living can pose certain risks for these elderly adults — and prove challenging for family caregivers. There’s no question that a family Caregiver’s day – to – day routine translates into a level of stress that over a period of time can take a serious toll on one’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Alzheimer’s patients are very fragile. As the disease develops they don’t have any real concept of time. To a person who is deeply forgetful 30 minutes might seem like an entire day.

For example, you might go to the store for 30 minutes and leave your parent alone at home- when you return they would be very angry and may often act out.

“Get out, I don’t need you, I can take care of myself”

Many of our families have stated Mom tells everyone “I don’t know where she goes; she goes out all day long….even though their family member was only gone for 30 minutes to go to the store. Clearly, there is no understanding or any memory of how long someone was gone…or why they were gone.

The situation is only going to get more difficult, sooner or later; a person who is deeply forgetful cannot be left alone. How do you cope with this?

Now, more than ever, involving outside professional caregivers is a necessary part of being able to keep your loved one in their own home. Families want to take care of their elderly parents, but simply do not have the expertise that is required to take care of them.

Granny NANNIES refers professionally trained caregivers to help with daily living activities and personal care needs allowing you and your family to spend more quality time with your parent and more time to take care of yourself,- an essential element of being a successful family caregiver. Your caregiver is professionally trained and undergoes reference checks, physicals, criminal background checks, along with verifying state required continuing education credits.

From basic assistance to total senior home care, your caregiver can assist your elderly parent(s) with every aspect of their home health care needs. If it’s time to find help for your elderly parent, don’t wait.